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I am passionate about wedding photography. I love to work in the heat of the moment, in the heart of the action, catching your event in real time as it unfolds. Catching the emotion, gestures, and the moments, that tell the story of your day. That's pretty much the definition of a photojournalist who shoots weddings.

The journalistic style just speaks to me. For example, formal shots are important, and I'm happy to take those photos too, but, the moment after the shutter clicks is when people relax and breathe. That's when the story happens. That's when I take the next shot. That's photojournalism.

As a photographer, my job is to see your wedding, moment by moment, and record the story. That's what I love to do.

My path to photography started when I was in sixth grade. I took a black & white photography class with my dad's old Kodak Brownie camera. (A Brownie was a little square box of a camera that was very popular in the 1950's and 1960's. Low tech to say the least.) I took pictures of everything. Shoes, my family, the street, you name it. Then we went into this mysterious room called a darkroom, and made images appear in the plastic film. Magic!

Lightning In The Desert Photograph

Some years later I pressed my wife's camera (which I bought for her, but she never used) against the kitchen window and took photos of a very rare California desert lightning storm. Some shots had lightning bolts and others looked like they were taken in a gohstly daylight.

I haven't been without a camera since then. Twenty years, four continents, 15 countries, and thousands of rolls later, I still love it.

I have studied photography over the years with the Denver Darkroom, Marsea Wynne, Grant Leighton, and Christopher James. Most recently I studied photography with Andrew Clark, Colorado's top wedding photographer.

I will bring my knowledge, passion, creativity, and professionalism to your wedding. See you there.

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