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My cameras are all Canon Digital SLR cameras. I also use lots of fast memory cards. I have never taken less than 700 photographs at a wedding so plenty of memory is critical.

My additional photographers also use only professional grade equipment and I supply the memory. All your images are under my supervision from beginning to end.

My current workhorse camera is a 21 megapixel Canon, which is big. This camera will make stunning images that can be printed as large as 19 x 13 inches straight from the camera. With a little digital darkroom magic, printing at least three times this size will be razor sharp and beautiful.

Spontaneous candid photography starts with great lenses. I use some of the most modern and fastest image stabilized lenses from Canon. I can shoot way into dusk without having to use flash. I also always bring a complete assortment of zoom and prime lenses to cover any situation.

In addition to great cameras and lenses, I also use a Quantum Q-Flash high power wireless flash system. The Quantum system lets me fill virtually any room with light and position the flash wherever I need it. I also use Canon on camera flash units. If needed, I also have an arsenal of studio lights that I use for really big group shots.

The majority of my photos are digital but traditional film still has a warm place in my heart. For film work I use a Sinar large format (huge 4x5 inch film) camera, a Mamiya medium format (6x7 cm film) camera, which is great for black and white film, and a Canon 35 millimeter camera for fast flexibility. Ask me about shooting infrared or Fuji Velvia chromes.

Other gear that I bring to every wedding includes portable backdrops, reflectors, light diffusers, stands, and tripods.

Some of the most important extras I bring are duct tape, a lint roller, safety pins, needle and thread, and an exuberant attitude. It's all about the details, big and small.

Finally, a last bit about my computers. I use really fast, really big computers, but that's not the important part. The computers are just machines to get your images to the print paper and to the photo disc.

Here's what is important:
Every single photo I take is backed up on DVD discs ... TWICE. One copy stays in my office and the other is stored off site. I do not erase a singe byte of data from my memory cards until every single one of your wedding images is recorded, verified, and archived off site.

OK, enough hardware talk. Let's go back to the home page and look at some more pictures!

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